Julio Mario Santo Domingo Cultural Center and Public Library has a parking capacity of 340 vehicles and 140 bicycles. The fixed parking fee for cars is $8.800 cop and $5.000 cop for motorcycles. This fee can be paid before, after or during the presentation’s intermission.  

Snacks and drinks 

Join us for snacks and drinks with Myriam Camhi, located on Teatro Mayor’s lobby and first level. Visitors can enjoy coffee and snacks before, after or during the intermission.  

Logistics and medical services 

The theater guarantees a medical service and the proper logistics coordination, which are both in charge of especialists who are wide aware of the building and its characteristics. The logistics staff will take care of the tickets, the accomodation of the audience and of the proper behavior established by the Theater aimed at guaranteeing an optimal presentation and the full enjoyment of the audience.

The medical professionals are properly dressed, for them to be promptly identified, and are capable of attending any given emergency.

Additional accesibility services

For additional information or if you have questions, need assistance, or require an accommodation not mentioned above, please contact Martha Delgadillo at 3779828 ext 8641 or