Universal Ballet of Korea, Shim Chung – Classical Dance

Created in 1986, this story takes as starting point Korean folklore combined with elements of classical ballet.

Shim Chung illustrates the dedication of a girl to her blind father, after losing her mother at birth.  Upon learning that donating 300 bags of rice to the local temple will allow her father to recover his sight, Shim Chung voluntarily sells herself to a captain of a ship, who will sacrifice her to protect his ship from the wrath of the Sea Dragon King.

After descending to the aquatic realm of the Sea King, Shim Chung asks to be allowed to return to the surface to find her father.  Her devotion is rewarded by the King of Korea, who decides to make her his Queen, and her father eventually regains his sight.  The performance will also feature the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra.

Responsible: Alianza Fideicomisos

Nit: 830.053.812-2

Address: Calle 170 No. 67-51 - San José de Bavaria

Age: 10