Zurich Ballet, Neoclassical Dance – Switzerland

Switzerland's top professional ballet presents a touching and beautiful version of William Shakespeare's immortal piece Romeo and Juliet.

Formerly known as the Ballet of the Zurich City Theatre, the company has grown thanks to directors like Nicholas Beriozoff, Patricia Neary, Uwe Scholz, and Bernd Bienert.  Within a few years, Swiss choreographer Heinz Spoerli, Ballet Director from1996-2012, established the company as one of the leading ballet companies in Europe.

Under the direction of German choreographer Christian Spuck, director of the company since 2012, the ballet continues to cultivate its settled traditions and to tread new artistic paths, continuously developing the genre of traditional narrative ballet along with innovative choreographic techniques. The dancers develop a contemporary and abstract dance.  The group also continues Spoerli Heinz's choreographic legacy, whose ballets remain as part of the Zurich Ballet repertoire.

The Zurich Ballet performances are accompanied by comprehensive supporting programs such as matinees prior to ballet premieres, presentations before performances, regular ballet discussions, and a wide variety of special projects for children, youth and schools.


Responsable: Alianza Fideicomisos

Nit: 830.053.812-2

Dirección: Calle 170 No. 67-51 - San José de Bavaria

Edad mínima: 10 años

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