Li Biao Percussion Group - China

Founded in 2005, percussion group Li Biao combines Chinese music elements with sounds from around the world, employing nearly one hundred exotic instruments.  Its performances have been described as "a multi-sensory musical tour around the world."
The group has performed at numerous international arts festivals and in music events of classical music, jazz, and modern pop.  Its rich repertoire contains classical, original and tailored works, performed in ways to make concerts varied and colorful.  It is worth remembering that they recorded the music for the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008, producing a deep impact on the audience attending this ceremony.
Leading the group is Chinese musician Li Biao, one of the greatest drummers in the world, acclaimed for his extraordinary musicianship and unparalleled scenic layout.  Biao was selected in 1988 by the Chinese government as the first percussionist to study at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow.  After winning a scholarship from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), the artist continued his musical education at the Conservatory of Music in Munich.  Besides from being a musician, Li Biao has developed a career as a conductor, working with major orchestras in China and Europe.  In 2012, the Beijing Symphony Orchestra appointed him as Title Artist and Conductor of the Orchestra.
The group is completed by Ronni Kot Wenzell (Denmark), Alexander Gloeggler (Germany), Philipp Jungk (Germany), Claudio Andrés Estay (Chile) and Rudolf Alexander Bauer (Germany).

Responsible: Alianza Fideicomisos

Nit: 830.053.812-2

Address: Calle 170 No. 67-51 - San Jose de Bavaria

Age: 10 

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