Tembembe Ensamble Continuo – Mexico, Colombia

Tembembe Ensamble Continuo has as goal to research, recreate and spread the relation between the music from the Baroque period with the Mexican and Latin American folk music.  Tembembe explores the similarities between the tools and practices of each of these musical expressions.  On stage, it recreates a show of music, song and dance, reviving the festive spirit of the eighteenth-century Novo-Hispanic fandango and the current traditional fandango.

Tembembe Ensamble Continuo originated in 1995 developing a musicological research sponsored by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).  The study focused on the history of Son Jarocho, fieldwork in Veracruz, and an extensive review of the Hispanic musical sources from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

In its programming, the Ensemble performs works of Mexican and Spanish books of baroque guitar and theorbo, relating them to traditional songs from different regions of Mexico and Latin America.  The arrangement of the pieces evidences that traditional Baroque and current traditional rhythms are two sides of the same coin- distant in time and close in essence.


Responsable: Alianza Fideicomisos

Nit: 830.053.812-2

Address: Calle 170 No. 67-51 - San José de Bavaria

Age: 7 años

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